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Hey Paizan.... When did this become Phillies vs Rockies?

As predicted my many, it was an extremely close race. Could have went either way. Rollins 1, Holliday 2, or Holliday 1 Rollins 2. I actually went the cop out road and said they should have split the MVP. It's been done before. It's ashame that someone went home without the hardware since both were so deserving.
I would like to know how many games you actually watched of the Phillies this year besides the playoff series and when the Rockies played them in the reg season 6 times? You can't look at stats and make a decision.

I'll give you one very respected baseball minds opinion..... When asked at the end of the season, who he would vote for for MVP this person answered, (I am paraphrasing) If you are going strictly on offense, Matt Holliday hands down. However, if we are talking all around, defense, speed, power, clutch hitting, produces runs, quarterback of the defense and plays the hardest position in the field, I would vote for Jimmy Rollins.
That was said by Bobby Cox, future MLB Hall of Famer.
That is only one guys opinion but, he pretty much nailed it.

If Tulo wins 7-10 GG, I commend you for your predicting the future abilities. It doesn't amount to a hill of beans right now though. The Phillies and Rox had great seasons, seasons that both cities enjoyed incredibly. Nothing will wipe the smiles off Phillies fans faces then helping the Mets completely collapse. We have the best all around infield in the NL locked up for the next 4 seasons. Howard is the only one that can walk in 4 years. Our core is locked in. Myers, Hamels, Howard, Utley, Rollins. As a Rox fan, just pray that you can say the same this time next season.
You better hope Jeter stays for a few more years or Tulo will be winning those GG in Boston or NY.

I congradulate you on your NL Pennant. Great year for you. Just try not to be so damn bitter towards others beacause those awards obviously meant the world to you.

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