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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Votes have to be in before the playoffs start so its imaterial who did what in the playoffs.

Holliday v. Rollins is a valid argument for either side. I'm sure the standard logic behind picking Rollins over Holliday is that Holliday had the benefit of Coors (most sports reporters seem unaware that Philly is the #2 offensive ballpark in baseball) and that he's a corner OF with only ok fielding skills. Rollins isn't nearly the hitter, but he was still a premier hitter in the NL and he was arguably the best baserunner and defensive SS in all of baseball. His team also won their division while the Rockies needed a hot September just to get a playoff game with SD.

I think the last fact is particularly important because as I said, ballots need to be in by the end of the regular season. So all those writters who don't believe in giving MVP to a player on a non-playoff team wasn't assured that Holliday met such criteria. I think this was a big blow against him as well.

Braun getting ROY over Tulo is stupid though. Thats a very good reason for b****ing. He hit marginally better but played in 40 less games and was a defensive butcher while Tulo is a future GG.
Nobody said post season stats count. I was just pointing out Philly's ballpark is nearly as offensively tilted as Coors. I'm sure plenty of hacks tried to give Rollins the big edge on defense.

Braun over Tulo was ridiculous, but to say Braun hit marginally better is inaccurate. Braun was a beast at the plate and he stole bases, too. This should have been counterbalanced by Tulo's Gold Glove deserving defense, though. You have to go back to Butch Hobson's rookie season to find a third baseman who played defense as poorly as Braun. You have to go back to about 1920 to find anybody worse.
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