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Being a diehard Rockies fan, I was more disappointed with Tulo not winning the ROY.

Holliday's road/home splits weren't as good as Rollins and Rollins plays a more demanding position. If you take Rollins away from the Phillies, they are a vastly different team. If you take Holliday away from the Rockies they are a different team, but the Rockies had Atkins and Hawpe and Helton to maybe pickup some of the slack.

Tulo losing the ROY was a joke, since Braun missed two months of the year and still committed the most errors in the majors.

Its crazy how in the ROY they gave the award to the more offensive player/terrible fielding over the great fielding/good hitting player, and in the MVP they gave the award to the good fielding/hitting player over the average fielding/awesome hitter.

Dumb writers.
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