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here's a blog I threw on myspace...

It first happened right after the World series with the none of the Rockies getting awarded a golden glove award. Um, newsflash, THEY WERE THE BEST FIELDING TEAM IN MAJOR LEAGUE HISTORY!!!!!!!! It is a travesty that not one of them were awarded one.

The Second incident was Troy Tulowitzki not winning the Rookie of the Year. Some douche bag from Milwaukee won it. This douche bag had over 25 errors in less than 120 games, where conversley, Tulo had less than 10 in 162 games! It was the closest ROY race since 1980, when the current format was instilled.

Last and finally, the biggest slap in the face was not giving Matt Holliday the NL MVP. He won the batting title, hitting .340, had most runs batted in, becoming the first player in over 40 years to lead in both categories, he also led the league in hits, total bases, and doubles. Oh yeah, not to mention scored the winning run by hitting a triple and then scoring on the insuing hit in the one game playoff to win the wildcard. Who won you ask? Jimmy Rollins, from the Phillies, yes, the same phillies who got swept by the Rockies in three games!

Not only is this a smack in the face to each of these individuals, it is also a smack in the face to the city of Denver, the state of Colorado and all of her fans! This East Coast bias that the sports writers exhibit is ridiculous and needs to stop.

You dont need to forward this on, you dont need to repost it, you dont need to do a damn thing with it, I just wanted to get out my frustrations and needed to vent.

thanks for your time,
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