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Originally Posted by want2bAbronco2 View Post
anyone read any of these? riend is selling a bunch, and I want to pick up some. any reviews would be nice....need to see if i want to read them/ what order!

The Gunslinger series by Stephen King

The Icewind Dale Trilogy

The dragon Riders of Pern series (8 books)by Anne McCaffery

The Elf Stones of Shanhara series (6 books) by Terry Brooks

The Dragon and the George/THe Dragon on the Border by Gordon *****on.

Also the Wheels of Time series....Anyone read all of them, how are they?

"The Gunslinger" is the first book in the "Dark Tower" series and the series is awesome. There are several other books that tie in, "Insomnia," "The Eyes of the Dragon," and "The Stand" are just three of them (if you want a complete list, let me know).

I haven't read the "Icewind Dale" books, but I've yet to see anything based on a video game that was ever really good.

There are over 20 Pern books. The original Pern storyline is extremely good and very much worth the time to read while the others are hit and miss. The ones you reall need to read are, "Dragonflight "Dragonquest" "The White Dragon" "All the Weyrs of Pern." All the other Pern novels revolve around these four.

The original Shanhara series is only three books. "The Sword of Shannara," "The Elfstones of Shannara," and "The Wishsong of Shannara." The others are additional to the original trilogy. I've read "The Sword of Shannara" and found it to be good, but not all that.

I haven't even heard of the next two you mention. I'll have to check them out.

Don't bother with "The Wheel of Time." They're dry and slow paced and so blatently derivative that Robert Jordan should be paying royalties to other authors.

Of all the books listed, I would read "The Dark Tower" first. One of the best surrealistic fantasy series ever written. In fact, I'm currently going through the series again on audio book. This will make my third complete reading (twice in print, once in audio) and I've read "The Gunslinger" more times than I can remeber.

On another note. I recently read "Stardust" (the one they based the movie on) and it was totally, completely, wonderfully awesome. I haven't deen the movie yet, but if it's one-fourth as good as the book it's gonna be good.

Up next (in print) is "The Spiderwick Chronicles." I've heard good things, so I figured I'd give 'em a shot.

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