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The new easton S17 helmet...


The S17 features include the MonoLock™ Sizing System, which is a tool-less sizing feature that keeps the bulk off the sides of the helmet and utilizes a “player-friendly” lever on the back.

The InForm™ Fit System, created by Easton’s action sports sister company GIRO, is the best-fitting, easiest to operate micro-adjustment fit-band in hockey. It surrounds the head comfortably and securely.

The S17 also features adjustable ear pieces which add to the customizability of the helmet.

Independent temple foams have a lower density for increased comfort and built in screws to make it easy to access hardware.

Here is what, Easton Vice President, Ned Goldsmith had to say about the new S17 helmet:

“The helmet category is one of the only areas Easton didn’t participate in and the new helmets truly round out our entire product line. We didn’t want to come to market with just any helmet. We wanted a superior design, style, comfort, durability and of course protection. We wouldn’t settle for anything less,” Goldsmith said.

“The new Helmets are going to make an immediate impact. Our long list of NHLers and our dedicated R&D team contributed to the extensive research that was done in the creation of these helmets. The result is stellar and players will notice right away. The new technologies and design will make for the best comfort, fit, protection, and style on the market.”


The Easton Stealth S17 Helmet will be available for sale at your local hockey shop in May 2008. However, some online stores have a history of placing pre-orders for equipment that has not reached the market.

If you are in the market for a new helmet and can’t wait until the S17 arrives, you may want to check out the new Mission Intake Fusion Helmet or the Cascade CHX which claims to have the best concussion protection on the market.
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