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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
No thanks on Barrett. I was hoping the team would play to keep Yorvit, he is like Varitek to the rockies pitchers. But alas that meant the Monforts having to spend a little and that ain't going to happen.
I am as far from being a Monfort apologist as there is, but I have to disagree. Go to the Mets messageboard and check out what they're saying about Torrealba today. It's not pretty. 3 years, $14.4 million is too much for the guy. I am glad for him, but I also think he's going to earn every penny of that - he's going from a situation where he was anonymous at worst, beloved at best, to a situation where everybody resents him.

And rapport with pitchers aside, let's not forget that Yorvit's a guy that hit .255 and threw out 2 of the last 52 base stealers. We're not talking about losing Johnny Bench or Catfish Hunter, in other words.

I'm not a big fan of any of the team's options at catcher, either. But I am only slightly less a fan of them than I was of going into 2008 with Yorvit as our guy. I'd much rather take the extra $8 million we would have had to pay him (from the 2 year, $7 million that we offered) and put it towards a solid option at 2B (I hear that Kaz guy is available), or locking up Atkins or Holliday.
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