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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
He went after him after Handzus shot at Giguere after the horn which is a big NO NO in hockey. I also believed the dude turtled at the end of the overtime. There was and shouldnt have been a suspension. Different scene, different results.
there is no rule in the nhl rulebook that says not to shoot as the buzzers going, and dont give me that its the code crap cuz the code dosent apply, we are talking rules and only rules, there is clearly a rule here and it was broken yet pronger walks AGAIN, and you cannot rule by result, thats like saying its ok to go into a high school and shoot 100 bullets as long as you dont kill anybody we'll let you go, see the stupidity in ruling by result ?

i bet if pronger was a flyer he would got the game suspension.
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