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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
NJ 3 PIT 2

Another ****ing loss. We are now last in the Atlantic and 3 games under .500. This is ****ing unacceptable. Sabourin played ok but gave up the game winner late. This is just a joke right now. Sid with 2 points, malkin with a goal. They are the only ones doing anything. No one else is contributing squat. If Staal wasnt so important to our PK, i'd say he should be sent down to the minors to be humbled to get his ****ing ass in gear. They put Malkin on his line tonight to get him going and he flubbed more chances that Malkin created for him. The refs completely raped us on the penalties too. We got like 2 or 3 PP and NJ got a ****load.

I'm getting tired of this ****. We shouldnt be last. Something needs to be done.

going to take A LOT to get Cammy my friend. Prepare to bend over for Dean.
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