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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
You can't be serious. Tulo, while he has a cannon, can't get to half the balls that Rollins makes look routine.

It's one thing to defend your player, but, it's assinine to make blind judgements about another. Rollins is twice the defensive SS that Tulo is. I don't care about stats. Stats only tell you about the balls you field. If you just read the stats, you won't see the huge difference in range between Tulo and Rollins.
Wow..... Just WOW!
Man, you're WAY off on this. Tulo's stats aren't based on his inability to get to balls - he's got incredible range. And your argument about stats is both right and wrong. In theory, a shortstop with cement in his shoes could have a great fielding percentage. But his numbers will stand out like a sore thumb, because he'll have a lot less fielding chances. If a guy has 280 total chances in, say, 1,300 - 1,400 innings, then you know there's something weird (and anyone responsible for him being on the field should be fired, but I digress). In most cases, shots that a better defensive shortstop could get to would be ruled hits against the player with no range.

But Jimmy Rollins played in 1,441 innings this year, and he had 717 total chances. Tulo played less innings (1,375) and had more total chances (834). The Rockies pitching staff is filled with a bunch of ground ball guys, so it makes sense he'd have more opportunities. So, Tulo had more putouts and assists (by a pretty wide margin, really) with fewer chances than Rollins. In addition, he had more double plays - again, with fewer opportunities.

Honestly, I don't see that you have any basis for your argument, other than being a Phillies fan. Unfortunately, Gold Gloves aren't usually given to the players who deserve them.
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