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Everyone is getting their panties in a bunch here. It's HOCKEY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! These type of hits are gonna happen in a sport where you have a fraction of a second to react. The mind might tell you to stop but when you are skating and momentum is taking you in one direction you don't have time to pull up.

All the non-Flyer fans here need to settle down. This isn't McSorely swining his stick and smashing Brashear in the head. This isnt Bertuzzi jumping someone from behind. It's not Dale Hunter checking a defenseless Turgeon after a goal and it's not Ulfy sucker punching someone from behind in the crease. It's a play that happens and will continue to happen in the heat of battle. I gotta beleive there isn't 1 player in the NHL that would intentionally try to break another players neck by slamming them from behind into the boards.
Everyone stop the b!tching and moaning.
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