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Took my son to his first Flyers game last night. We went in right as the doors opened and went down behind the Flyers bench to watch them warm up. Jimmy Dowd gave Nicky a puck, Danny Briere gave him a high five, Jeff Carter gave him a puck. As if the little guys wasn't smiling from ear to ear, just as all the players were leaving the ice, Scotty Hartnell ripped all the tape off his blade and gave Nicky his stick! What a freaking experience. Hockey players are a different breed. They get it.

Anyway, outstanding game by the Flyers. They controlled the entire game, save for about 3 minutes towards the end of the second period. Crosby is unreal but he might be the biggest crybaby flopper I've ever watched. He is Matthew Barnaby with unbeleivable skill.

Biron is a flatout stud and Mike Richards might be the league MVP right now. Forget about 9 goals and 10 assists so far. He flat out shuts down the opposing teams top line night in and night out. Crybaby Crosby had no room. Richards shadowed him.

This team is pretty good right now. They aren't great. That said, they are EXTREMELY young and need some more time to gel. The sky is the limit for this team. What a core of young talent we have here.

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