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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I think he should have got the start tonight. He played well vs. the NYI, he let out a bad rebound that was the game winner for them, but as a whole, he had a really good game, I didnt like Therrien benching him for one bad goal on 30 some shots. You can't let Fleury get into a funk. You've got to treat him with kid gloves, because he is very emotionally unstable when he plays bad, you have to keep giving him chances...he's a very streaky goalie, but he is so damn talented, he can move from post to post like I've never seen and routinely makes spectacular saves. It's just the damn rebounds that kills him, his rebound control is usually really terrible, and he can't play the puck behind the net. I like Flower, I think he's probably one of the 2 or 3 most talented goalies in the entire league, just give him a chance. He doesn't take well to being benched, he gets in a huge depression. He needs to play. He hasnt been that bad except for a few games this year. Sabourin played well tonight, but the Flower needs to play. I still support him. He's a beast. He started out slow last year, too.
oh i'm not disagreeing w/you at all on those points- but can he get over the slumps to win a cup....
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