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Well, I just got back from a visit to the internet movie database and I found out that "The Golden Compass" is not going to be a composite of the three books (part 2 of the series "The Subtle Knife" is due out in 2009). I am now officially pumped to go see this one! Anyone else looking forward to it?

I'm just finishing up (actually reading, not the audio books) "Regeneration" by Julie Czerneda. It's the third part of her "Species Imperitive" series and all three are very good Sci-Fi.

"The Sword of Truth" series stagnates a bit with the fourth book. I'm hoping it'll pick up again but I've taken another break from it to do "The Sword of Shannara" by Terry Brooks and "Blaze" by Richard Bachman (Stephen King). "The Sword of Shannara" started out very derivitive (basically "The Fellowship of the Rings" without a ring and with different character names) but got much better as the story moved on. "Blaze" is simply a great read (or listen this time through).

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