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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
what? the Avs actually playing well early in a season!? 6-0 at the Pepsi Center, no less. Hopefully they can continue to reverse the recent trend of sucking at home.

Anyone have thoughts on the whole Budaj-Theodore rotation? I guess it's working pretty well right now, so I can't gripe. I just wonder what you do once you get to the postseason. Of course that would be a nice dilemma to have if we head into the playoffs with two good goaltenders.

The team needs a true #1 goaltender i hate musical goalies (it rarely works if the D is playing like shyt the goalies can't get into a groove and when they slide to the side slightly Q yanks em. (how is that a motivator?) The most important part to this puzzle is having a consistant D playing in front of your tender it really take alot of pressure off budaj and theo both of which are not great goalies.
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