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Eddie Royal


By Vicki Shaver

The good news is that black coffee doesn’t have any carbs. It’s also filled with potassium, a mineral that many low carb dieters need to supplement. The bad news is that nearly all of the specialty drinks at your favorite coffee house are loaded with sugar. So, what’s a low carber to do when faced with the inevitable choice between House Blend Blasť and Caramel Macchiato Dream? Well, you might be surprised. If you educate yourself on what your local coffee house has to offer, you can turn your coffee drink into a low carb dessert!

Here are some of the things to ask for:

“Breve” {pronounced Brev-ay, with the same accents as latte}

Whether it’s a Breve Latte or a Breve Cappuccino, you will love this creamy version of the standard so much that you will never want to return to the land of skim! “Breve” in coffee language means that it is made with cream, or more commonly, half-n-half. This is a low carb staple, and a must when turning coffee into dessert. NOTE: The store may add an extra charge for the half-n-half, but its well worth it, and justified. The fact that there are still some inexperienced baristas who look at you cock-eyed when you place this order, is likely due to the extra cost associated with keeping half-n-half on hand.

Sugar-free Flavor Shots

For me, a Breve Latte can stand on its own, without any other additions, as a dessert. However, if my sweet tooth is really calling, I will order a sugar-free flavor shot. Or, as mentioned above, if my worst nightmare occurs and the place is out of half-n-half, I will order a brewed coffee flavored with a sugar-free shot. Most places have at least one or two sugar-free flavors to choose from. Usually its vanilla, however I have found sugar-free hazelnut, caramel and Irish cream, too. Do not underestimate these little charms! There has been many a day that I was ready to grab a carb-laden scone or croissant from the dessert case, but instead ordered a Breve Latte with a sugar-free flavor shot. Yum! I was NOT disappointed!

Whipped Cream

Whether it’s from a can or whisked up fresh in the back, whipped cream is usually pretty low carb, especially considering the small amount that gets plopped on top of your drink. It’s hard not to feel like your committing a diet sin while licking whipped cream off your upper lip, too.

All of these rules also apply to teas and steamers. Watch out for the Chai Tea, though. Unless the place offers a clearly marked sugar-free version, Chais are jam-packed with carbs in the form of sugar. Same with any Mocha, or other chocolate treats.

Low carb Cheesecake

Yes, you read that right – cheesecake! At a Starbucks operating inside of a Barnes and Noble, I found Low Carb Cheesecake on the menu! I did some checking and discovered the many, but not all, Starbucks offer this dessert. The one I had was wonderful, but a day or two older than I would have liked. What really stood out about this cheesecake was its crust made of crushed almonds – excellent!

So, yes Virginia, there is a comfy sofa for low carbers at the coffee house. In fact, the more you frequent these caffeinated havens asking for low carb specialty drinks, the more choices you will have in the future. Who knows, one day there may be a coffee house devoted to the low carb lifestyle. Wake up and smell the investment potential!
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