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Default 30 hockey games in 30 nights

This would be soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool to do!


Six years ago, I flew 11,000 miles from Japan to California just to watch a
NHL hockey game, I had a great time, and an ideaÖ.Wouldnít it be a thrill to
visit every NHL arena in a single season?

But why stop there? My concept is simpleÖ.Iím going to watch a hockey
game in all 30 National Hockey League arenasÖ.in 30 consecutive nights!

Something thatís never been done beforeÖ.30 hockey games in 30 nights in
30 different cities this fallÖ.itís the ultimate hockey road trip!

I'll be sharing the ups and downs of my 30 Games In 30 Nights adventure on
this site. Take a look around the site and youíll find my complete schedule,
the complexities of my travel plans and much more. Once the ultimate road
trip begins, Iíll be updating this site daily with my stories from the games, and
how I traveled to each city blog-style. Read today's blog here.

I'm on a tight budget. Although Iíll need to fly to most cities, I have searched
for bargain airfares and am using a bunch of my frequent flyer miles to keep
costs down. In some cities, Iíll stay with friends or family, and in others Iíll be
finding cheap hotels on Hotwire or using up my Hilton points. As far as game
tickets go, Iíll be looking out for good deals, so if you have any extra tickets, let
me know!

As a hard-core hockey fan who loves to fly, Iím well prepared for the ultimate
hockey road trip. Iíve flown almost a million miles in my lifetime, seen over
500 NHL games, and most importantly, have no problem falling asleep on

For months, I've been planning the details of this 30 Games In 30 Nights trip.
Poring through the NHL schedule for hours to find just the right combination
of games, staying away from the frigid winter months when weather could
disrupt travel, finding affordable flights that get me into each city by 2pm,
coming up with backup travel plans if flights are cancelled, and so on.

So now I'm ready to roll, mentally and physically, for the Ultimate Hockey Road
Trip. I can't wait for October 26th as 30 Games In 30 Nights begins in Detroit!
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