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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
that dosent matter, this boarding rule isnt a new rule, there is no crack down on boarding, its always been on the books.

ok i take back what i said earlier, 2 games is a total rip, october 29th 2007 no suspension

oh wait he was wearing red and black not orange and black

lets see if ive got this right

Downie hunts down someone and drills him: 20 games
Tootoo hunts down someone and drills him: 0 games

Jones hits someone into the wall head first: 2 games
Volchenkov hits someone into the wall head first: 0 games

Way to stick to that standard, Campbell! Thank goodness we have you to keep discipline in this league.

The only difference is the new (push) THIS YEAR by the NHL last years clips don't mean squat, i understand what you are saying but the only difference between this year and last is the league is cracking down on it now. And it appears hes doing just that.
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