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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
and if bergeron takes one more step forward he is against the boards and jones pins him like is done 100 times each game, to stop with your back turned with somebody 1 foot behind you is just stupid.

it happens, and as i said if its any team other then the big bad flyers or if bergeron gets up nothing is said.

This is great tho, all other arguments about head shots i couldnt pull up past because this year they said they were gonna try to make it stop, so ok downie got a suspension that he didnt deserve, boulerice did deserve what he got. But now as smiling assassin pointed out this rule has been on the books for a while, this isnt new, so lets look at a few recent hits and suspensions, and see how they compare to jones.

no suspension
no suspension
joke but still no suspension
1 game suspension
I love the way mara reacts, but once again no suspension

so please tell me why jones should get anything ?

Without looking at every clip you posted (are they from this year)?
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