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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
and bergeron has a concussion and a broken nose.

you dont wanna get hit like that, dont skate into the boards like that, if he lays up and dosent hit him bergeron skates around him for a wrap around attempt. Im not happy he got hurt but its just as much his fault as it is jones, hell jones finally got his first 5 minute penalty.
Of course your gonna say it's Bergeron fault rather than Jones fault. Jones got beat to the puck and you know it's a bad hit no matter how you try to explain it away Chadta. It's from behind with the elbow up on the head and little to no effort by Jones to pull up and just go for a pin against the boards as we see in almost every NHL game on a nightly basis...he'll get a lengthy suspension from the league office and hopefully the Flyers get a draft pick taken away.
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