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Originally Posted by PatsWin2002 View Post
You might be surprised, but mostly I am hearing things like "it was illegal, yes...but not dirty....they were both going for the puck...there was no intent to injure on Jones' part.

I agree with that after what I saw.

Yeah, there are some folks up in arms that seem to be more excited that they have something to crusade for rather than seeing the whole thing for what it was. Those people should just be thankful that this one looked as bad as we've ever seen and ended as good as we could have hoped.
Illegal? No doubt. I agree with only a minor 2 minutes though too. It may sound wierd but, if Bergeron was 2 more feet away from the boards, it would/should have been a 5 minute major. When a player is right up against the boards, it's not as devestating if he gets hit from behind. If he is 3-4 feet from the boards and gets hit like that, that is where it can be devestating because he is gonna launch head first into the boards with zero control.
I think everyone did the right thing in this situation. The refs made the right call and the "B"s players did the right thing by immediately jumping Jones.

It's ashame what happened but with guys skating 25 mph and with how physical and big the players are, these things will happen from time to time. I am just happy that Bergeron looks like will be okay.
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