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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Raiders Rock View Post
You need to go to a doctor if sugar was detected in your urine.
I had to have a DOT a month before I was diagnosed... I had no sugar in my urine, in order for sugar to spill into your urine you have to be quite high.

The most common drug for Type 2 is Metformin, it messes with your stomach at first but does a good job and only costs about 4 bucks a month from Wally World.

Uncontrolled diabetes can and will cause stroke and heart attacks, and can make you go blind...lose feeling in your extremities as well as ED go get an A1C test done asap Spider.

Diabetes is easier than ever to control, and if you don't you will lose your CDL or possibly worse .

Please heed my warning and take this as serious as anything you ever did in your life.
i will bro ......
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