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Originally Posted by §PideŽ View Post
I enjoy diet soda now .....and I eat more smaller meals a day now , I am doing alot better , and I noticed my mood swings have all but stopped .I still have road rage though
I eat smaller meals, all whole grain foods, no white bread, minimal sugar, no potato's I eat alot of soy based products, minimal processed foods.

I keep it around 1800 calories a day and try to keep it under 100gms carbs a day.

I inject Byetta (Exenatide is an injectable diabetes medicine that helps control blood sugar levels. This medication helps your pancreas produce insulin more efficiently.) It is not insulin and it is expensive but it works well for me.

I am very lucky, I have no symptoms of Diabetes except I was thirsty alot and had to pee alot so I got checked out.

My numbers are very good and I usually check my bg levels up to 5 times a day, My doc told me if I get my weight where he wants it I will probably not even have to take any meds.

I weigh 230 lbs but have a 34 inch waist I have some gut but even when I was 270 only sported a 38 inch waist.

I guess I am big boned
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