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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
I dont mean to come off as bossy here, but make sure you hook those guys up with some cash for that album.

They are literally trying to break the mold with this release.

Help Radiohead turn over the music industry.

They are experimenting for all of us musicians out there who would like to circumvent the system to maximize their own profits off of their own product.
Oh, for sure. I may yet buy the boxset (or talk someone it to getting it for my Christmas) and if not I'm buying the physical cd in stores. Not to mention I'll try to get tickets for whenever they start touring again. I really hope this does work out and set a new trend. I believe a lot of people would be willing to directly support their favorite bands.

I haven't listened to a ton of My Morning Jacket, but Gideon is a song I find myself listening to a lot the last few months. And I've been listening to the most recent Kings of Leon as well. I really need to go back and get into their first two albums.
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