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Champ Bailey

In Rainbows...

My favorite track is "All I Need", followed by "Videotape" and "House of Cards".

As with any Radiohead album, the thing is listenable in its entirety. It gives the active listener plenty of entertaining soundscapes. There are moments of greatness, often subtle, and moments of entertaining creation.

As great of a contributor as Yorke is, Johnny Greenwood is his equal.

This album has more of a peaceful timbre than any previous Radiohead incarnation. The drumming is extremely relaxed and intentional. The almost Brian Wilson-esque "House of Cards" places the listener almost in a beach atmosphere musically. It's probably the most unique song on the album.

There is actually one song on the album that harkens one back to the days of "The Bends". "Bodysnatchers" sounds like it could have been an outtake from those sessions.

I think that listeners will find this album a blend of the efforts of "Kid A" and "Hail to the Theif", while offering cuts that are reminiscient of "OK Computer" in their instrumentation and mixdown.

I find the album to be alot of fun, and look forward to the next 8 tracks.

4/5 stars.
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