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BerniernextRoy is not happy to report that Bernier has been sent down to Lewiston in the Juniors.

On theory that playing on the Kings, with their defensive problems, would chip away at Bernier's confidence: ``I think that's the concern they've got. He's a quality person. He's shown the ability to play and play well. He showed the ability to bounce back from goals and anything else that can be construed as a mistake. You got to like the physical makeup he's got; you love the mental makeup he has. And it's going to carry him a long way. What we're saying is it's just not right now. Now is not the time for him to be here. For his long-term development, that's the decision that's been made.''

On Bernier's reaction to the news: ``He's disappointed. That shows you the quality of person he is. He wanted to make a difference here and he wanted to continue to get the opportunity to make a difference. We're not going to give him that opportunity. We're going to concentrate on his development.''

``Obviously, we're concerned about the mindset he's got. As we told him this morning, `You're a great goaltender. Act like a great goaltender and believe this is a short-term setback for you.' He's going to progress at the right level and maybe the right speed.''

On possibility of Bernier coming back up this season: ``I think the rule's is that, in an emergency situation, you can bring up anyone under contract. But, for all intents and purposes, he's going to complete his junior year. Hopefully he'll have a great junior year, maybe play for the Canadian national team at the world juniors tournament, and at the end of the year they could bring him up here or at our farm club level.''
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