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Another flyer in trouble

Jesse Boulerice crosscheck to the face of Ryan Kesler in last night’s Flyers at Canucks game will most likely earn him a suspension, and a lengthy one at that.

Both Boulerice and Flyers coach John Stevens expect one.

“It’s unacceptable, it’s something that we can’t have, Flyers coach John Stevens said. “We didn’t need to get involved in anything really, we had the hockey game in hand and that was the message on the bench, so that kind of stuff can’t happen.”

Kesler spoke with the media after the game. His jaw is not broken, and he will undergo an MRI today to see if there’s a fracture. The AP thoughts from Boulerice were succinct:

Boulerice said he was sorry for the hit.

“I reacted in a bad way the wrong way,” he said.
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