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Bernier gets the start tommorow vs the Blues.

Crawford on Bernier per Hammonds Blog-
`Anything that's been thrown at him here, whether it's been media notoriety or outings we've had for the team whether in Europe or here, it's had a high-profile professional aura to it. A lot of times, you see young players be in awe of that. He's not in awe. He's respectful and he's just enjoying it. It's hard to put a finger on exactly what it is, but he's got it. He's handled it really well. He's got a great ability to keep himself centered, and I think that's how he plays too. He's got an economy of movement, a real strong foundation to his game and he's anchored to the middle of that net really well.''

``We're trying to help him as much as we can, giving him as much information, staying pretty close to him on his work habits in practice, his recovery after practice, even to the point of his eating habits and sleeping habits. We're doing our due diligence too to make sure a young player isn't missing something along the way.''
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