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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Not really.

All I am saying is that 15 years worth of extreme back pain PLUS cancer sapped more out of Mario than three hundreths of a point per game.

Plus, Bob (or even his Mom) could center a checking line for the 80s Oilers and be a point per game player. Wayne was a super player, but in terms of pure, sheer talent, he was inferior to Mario.
In terms of pure sheer talent, sure Mario was number one. HOWEVER when it comes to the mental aspect of the game, Wayne was the best ever. I don't think we will ever see a Wayne Gretzky again. I mean the guy KNEW what was going to happen 2-3 plays down the line, that's pretty much unheard of around hockey. Nobody will have Gretzky's hockey sense, not even Mario and it shows on the stat sheet. I'm sorry that Mario couldn't play to his full ability because of back problems and cancer but the fact he didn't play as much shouldn't take away anything from Gretzky. That's like me saying Terrell Davis is better than Jim Brown or Walter Payton because he didn't play as much games. Let's get another thing straight, just because Wayne played for the Oilers shouldn't be less of an achievement either. Let's use Terrell Davis as an example again, should his accomplishment of what he did in the Super Bowl years be less of an accomplishment because he played on a great offensive line? In my opinion NO but according to your logic on Wayne being with the Oilers it should.
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