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Check this out...

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Kyle Calder has looked like a genius signing so far. And while the Kings have a long way to go, you omitted one of the most exciting and intriguing stories of the preseason -- 19-year-old rookie and 2006 first-round draft pick Jonathan Bernier. He has looked like a cagey vet in camp and preseason games and has impressed in every start. In fact, he has played so well, he has virtually forced the team to keep him in L.A. at least until he gets his nine starts. I expect Bernier to excel and become the next Rogie Vachon in L.A. (maybe he'll even take up cigars and the porn mustache like Rogie), something Kings fans have been waiting nearly 30 years for. Write it down now, you will be the first in the media to say it, and you will look like a genius. Jack Johnson is good, but Bernier will be the Kings' Calder Trophy winner this season.

Peace, some of Marc Crawford's hair grease and a healthy dose of 3 Inches Of Blood's "Fire Up The Blades!"

Jeremy in San Diego

This is from Dobber's Fantasy Prospect Report released in June:

All you need to know about Bernier is that the organization fully expects him to be its starter within three years. For a 19-year-old, that's huge. That's Luongo territory. The 11th overall pick in 2006 shows a lot of maturity and has excellent composure. He is quick moving from one side of the net to the other and his catlike reflexes make that talent even more impressive. Bernier also shows consistency, which is usually the main weakness in goalies his age. By the summer of 2008 he could very well be the most hyped prospect goalie in over a decade. Potential: All-Star goaltender who steals games and seems destined to win a Cup or two.
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