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preds sale in jeopardy

It appears the future of the Predators in Nashville is in doubt once again.

According to Nashville website, the leader of a local group attempting to purchase the team does not expect the deal to go through.

On Saturday, the group asked local government officials for more tax money as well as improvements to the Sommet Center, the home of the Predators. According to David Freeman, the city rejected their request.

''No, I'm not hopeful, but also not bitter,'' David Freeman told ''We put a ton of work into it, and we did our best.''

The group's exclusive negotiating deal with current Predators owner Craig Leipold expires on October 31.

The report indicates the group asked for nine changes to the lease agreement, including allowing the team to keep almost all state and local taxes as well as seat fees from all events at the arena and letting the team leave Nashville if average attendance falls below the league minimum for revenue sharing, which is 14,000 right now and the group loses $20 million.

Despite the setback, Freeman expressed no ill will toward Nashville mayor Karl Dean.

"I know he was probably as heartbroken as anybody over having to say no," Freeman told the "This decision appears to have not turned out the way we had hoped."

what do you guys think kc or hamilton ? seeing where im from i bet you know what im hoping for, but id be interested to here what unbiased people think.
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