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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Finally, after months, I've gotten Hackamore Brick. Love it! Thanks for the recommendation, man. My favorite tune is "Radio." You know, they remind me a bit of late 60s era Kinks, who are my favorite British invasion band (yes, more than the Beatles or the Stones), as well a bit of the Badfinger/Big Star power pop flavor. But I definitely see the Television comparisons in the guitar work. Very nice stuff.

Glad you like it. Sometimes, after I make a recommendation on something, I get kinda worried that a peer wouldn't take to or see the same qualities in something as I did.

It's kinda a rare item I guess. I know it's hailed as some sorta "lost classic" like the way Love's Forever Changes used to be some 25 years ago.....I thought it was pretty solid. My only compliants are that "I Won't Be Around" goes on wayyyy to long and "Zip Gun Woman" sounds like the out of sync, homemade demos I used to make on my old Tascam 4 track...other than that, I'm totally happy with it. I love the sound as well, the band's instrumatation, the interplay, lyrics, etc. etc. etc.

"Radio" is pretty cool...the lyrics of that one especially are fun I think. "Reachin'", "Oh! Those Sweet Bananas", "...Rhumba" many highlights that I'm surprised the band didn't last to at least make a followup album. Then again, most followups don't live up to being even a "continuation" of a brilliant first LP (most tend to be disasters) matter, at least we have this and it's great.

I've tried to find some in depth info on this band before and have failed (although I haven't tried lately)'s quite the exercise...I'd love to know the story behind it all.

Anyways, enough ramble.....glad you like it and glad I could steer you to something new. Everytime I can do that for someone, it just makes my enitre week.
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