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Whoever wrote that article has the Bernier situation backwards. Bernier can play 9 games and on the 10th game his pro contract kicks in not on the 11th. I expect Bernier to be given a couple games to see how he does at the NHL level and unless he plays lights out then he is going back to the Juniors.

Originally Posted by Lombardi
Well, we'll see how these guys perform. I don't think that this anoints anybody, as far as the other three, but obviously we've got to trim this down. We thought this was the way to do it and hopefully to get Cloutier back to where he's capable. It doesn't really mean anything for the other three, other than, keep playing and you've got to take the job.

On the Bernier situation-

Well, I think you know how I feel, in terms of how careful you've got to be. I think you let it go day to day. At the minimum, in his case, he's getting valuable experience , and it's experience you can't get in junior hockey, and that's the way we're approaching it. It's like, you watch practice today, and he gets to face NHL shooters and then he gets a half-hour of practice a NHL goalie coach. That's the way we're approaching it.

We still have time, under the rules, to see this through and give him experience. He's accomplished a lot in junior hockey and now we're trying to train him at the next level and we'll see. But to say that anything has been decided on that front, no.
So in other words the job is still wide open, Bernier has been doing good lately. It's pre-season, once the regular season comes around it is a different ballgame. We'll see...stay tuned.
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