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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
One year over due IMO i guess the youngsters played well enough to send clouts packin i think bernier sunk the last dagger in the final decision, Salary cap was probably a major factor as well.
not exactly.

Originally Posted by Dean Lombardi

I think, in looking at it, the thing we've come to realize is that the only way... If you take this in steps, he didn't have a good year last year, with the combination of injuries or whatever. He did go back and he got completely healthy. He was really good this summer in terms of doing all the goalie camps and working with our goaltending people to get his game back technically. So, physically he repaired himself. Technically, he did everything that was asked and he looked a lot better.

But it still comes down to playing. The way we're looking at it is, the reality is that he hasn't played in three years. The only way he's going to totally get his confidence is, first you've got to get physically healthy, and then in order to get his rhythm back, the only way to do that is to play. We were kind of looking at it and seeing where his game was at, and we just felt this was the best thing for him. It will give him a much better base with which to come back and try to be the goaltender he was before we got him.

We were talking about it as we were going through it, and watching his game and seeing where he was mentally and things, and it just reminded me of some pitchers in baseball who you see this happen to. They might lose an inch off their fastball or curveball and (teams) send them down for an assignment to get their game back. So, this guy is coming back from an injury and this is the best way, we think, to handle it and give him the best shot, in terms of when he comes back, to be ready mentally and physically. That mental part isn't really going to turn the corner unless he sees a lot of pucks. That gets his rhythm back. The best place to do that is in the minors. And that's basically it.
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