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Let's take these SOB's out!!!!!!

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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
dont underestimate it hogan. LoDo was a piece of sheat and look at it now. Time Square was god awful and now it is class. The right people and the right mix can do wonders. Arrest them all and throw them in Stalag 13 would help too (but concrete the floors 10 feet deep).

BTW: 9 down in the AL west and losing ground on Yanks for the wild card. TG they have a weekend series against the Yanks to try to sweep them. Angels and Yanks first round looks like a shoe in.
Well, the M's had some hope at the time I was there anyways.

And John, normally I'd agree with you...but it's the Bronx we're talking about here. NO WAY. Hey, if dress wearing Rudy and his goon squad couldn't clean it up, nothing can.
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