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I have been bad. Back up to 210 "ish" was close to 200. I blame the 100+ heat the last month it was been record heat here in Memphis In August. The thing was so hot didn't eat much during the day except yummy tomatoes five or six a day. Then when I got home and cooled off went crazy with starvation. So basically big meal and went to bed. Temperatures are getting back to normal and cooler and business is picking back up so back to losing weight.

One worker on the inside said you should sell a weight lost program b/c I don't know any one who can gain and lose weight like you. That was mean.

Have found the love of grilled eggplant thru a fellow orangemaner. wondered if any one had great veggy grilling recipes or stuff like that.

Been using olive oil on grilled corn and it is lip smacking good. I love good food so maybe a way to share healthy hearty recipes.

210 and counting down. fingers crossed.
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