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Poor article overall. The signing of Aubin is so that we can have some of the young goaltenders get playing time in the lower divisions of hockey like in Reading. Those goalies are Jonathan Quick and Jeff Zatkoff, if the writer would call Lombardi or just look at Lombardi's track record with young goalies. Using Kiprusoff and Nabokov as examples, they both had problems in the minors but they worked through them and now look at them. If he did some research he would know that Lombardi DOES NOT rush goaltenders to the NHL at all. Quick and Zatkoff will get more playing time in the minors because of getting Aubin and also so we don't have to bring up somebody that is not ready. Last year we had goalies going down like flies and had to call up a friggin Japanese goalie who was way too green for the NHL. Kings have Ersberg, Labarbera (AHL Hap trophy winner for fewest GAA), Cloutier and now Aubin. Not a great situation for the Kings but this year is different than last year because there will be actual competition for the starting spot, instead of just handing it to Cloutier. When the season goes on, I will have one eye on Bernier when he is in the Juniors for one more year and the other on what is going on with Kiprusoff and the Flames, if Kipper can play for Keenan or if the Flames start losing. His contract is up at the end of the season and is a UFA.

Anyway as far as FA's signings go, I find it comical this writer would criticize Lombardi for not bringing in Briere or Drury, two guys that will never live up to their contract. What the writer doesn't understand is that the Kings had a lot of holes and signing a player with contract demands of 7-9 million a year isn't going to plug those holes or make the problem any better.

Originally Posted by Dean Lombardi
But then again, to be honest, if you had to do the seven (million for Drury), then you couldn't spread the money out and fill the other holes. I've debated that myself. I'm certainly not sure I wanted to go to 7.3 (million), even if it wasn't that he wanted to go to the Rangers. So you try to be objective about it, and I think I kind of like the idea of filling a number of holes. Maybe a year or two from now, when more holes are filled, it makes more sense to say, ``OK, let's give all the money to one guy.'' I'm not sure if this doesn't end up making us better, but I can't deny that we were involved in it.
BINGO! You see the plan now Hradek? You don't get a 8 million dollar player when you have holes on your team, Dean is stockpiling the pipeline with good young players who will be ready 2-3 years down the road and then maybe we can get a top player once we have actual depth on the squad. I'm not sure the Kings make the playoffs this year but I put them in the 7-12 range, Pacific division is still tough and playing the Ducks, Sharks, Stars is going to be a grind. We'll see like Deano says-

Originally Posted by Dean Lombardi
"They've proven they can play in the league and they've proven they can be pretty good players. Let's see if you can prove you can win."
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