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Calgary Dinos

Starting Lineup

C - Nate Thurmond
PF - Ben Wallace
SF - Dave DeBusschere
SG - Micheal Jordan
PG - Jason Kidd

Coach - Pat Riley


C - Mark Eaton
F - Paul Arizin
F - Carlos Boozer
F - Joe Fulks
F/G - George Yardley
G - Allan Houston
G - T.J. Ford

Starting Lineup:

Jordan needs no summary. Offensively, Kidd will feed it to him on the perimeter, and to Thurmond inside. However, the obvious strength of this team is on defense. Kidd may be the best defensive point guard of his era. DeBusschere was on the 1st Team All-Defensive team every year that he was playing since it's inception. Ben Wallace has been Defensive Player of the Year 4 times. Nate Thurmond averaged 15 rebounds a game for his career(and 15 PPG)...and I heard Jordan wasn't so bad defensively either. That was my plan with the starting unit. Surround Jordan with a team that could shut down anybody, and could score enough to get by. Pat Riley is an excellent coach with a career .661 winning percentage. He can win in the Season, he can win when it counts.


If my starters can't contain the opponents' scoring, however, my plan was to stock the bench with enough scorers to keep pace. I think I did alright. Arizin, Fulks and Yardley should probably be starting on somebody's team. Houston can roll in to keep Jordan fresh, or team up with him to make one of the more dynamic scoring guard pairs around. Eaton isn't meant to be a higher-scoring alternate to Thurmond, but Thurmond can score more than enough anyways. Boozer and Ford were meant to provide depth, but they're out of their league here.

Of my 5 Starters, 2 are active. The 3 who aren't were on the "One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History" list. Off the Bench, Arizin was on the list as well. My starting unit combines for 41 All-Star Awards, 26 All-Defensive First Team Awards, 5 Defensive Player of the Year Awards, and Jordan won MVP 5 times.

I think I did alright.
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