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Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
We can do that AZ, but here is my concern. We don't have enough people that are still interested in this process to participate to make it worth our while. I only know of about five of us that are still checking this thread with any regularity. That's going to make it tough to get any kind of cohesive judging process rolling. If we can get half of us (eight participants) involved let's do it. Otherwise it would be pointless. We can already say that four of us are interested (I can vouch for Bobhorry here.) If four more guys step up, then we are a go. And to be involved in this type of process i need everyone to chime in and say they want to be involved. Anyone who does not come on here and say they want to be in the tournament will not be included. A simple "I'm in" will suffice.

First we have to rank the teams to get them in the brackets. Let's get 2 or 3 more rankings and that will be the order of the bracket. Once we have the teams ranked we'll have two brackets with the odd numbered teams in one bracket and the even numbered teams in another. The two teams can post their case as to why they would be the other team and then everyone gets a vote as to which teams would beat which. And that process would repeatr itself in the next round, up to the finals.

Ultimately, I think my version of evaluation is going to work better because the bracket method is going to take some work and effort. With the dwindling number of participants here, ramping up the involvement to the process may be difficult. Anyway, if we get four more owners to say they will participate, we're a go for the bracket method.
Lets do your method first to rank the teams, then we can seed them accordingly and have a theoretical competition where we can talk individual matchups and systems. Ultimately we can have an overall champion.
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