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The defense for my team:

My team is well balanced with attention given to scoring, assits, 3 pt shooting, rebounding, blocks, and DEFENSE. Every player will know his role and execute it to perfection under popovitch. Who knows how many rings Pop will have when it's all said and done?

--No one will out rebound my team.

--No team will out-scrap or out-work my team. I also chose guys that have a history of having good character, so they will blend together as a unit quickly.

--My team will be very hard to score on with the great defenders on the team and Popovitch's commitment to defense.

C - Hakeem Olajuwon -- 50 greatest, 9 all time defensive selections, future hall of famer, All time blocks leader, 11th all time total rebounds
PF - Jerry Lucas -- 50 greatest, hall of famer, 4th all time RPG
SF - Bob Petit -- 50 greatest, hall of famer, 3rd all time RPG, 6th all time PPG
SG - Gilbert Arenas -- Great 3 pt shooter, 20th all time PPG
PG - John Stockton -- Future hall of famer, most assists all time, 5 all defensive teams

PG/SG: Hal Greer -- 50 greatest, hall of famer, scoring off the bench
SG: Hank Luisetti -- 2nd best player all time pre 1950, good scorer.
PG: Don Buse -- 6 time all defensive team selection, good assist numbers to back up Stockton
SG/SF: Bobby Jones -- 11 time all defensive team selection
SG/SF/PF/C: Gus "Honeycomb" Johnson --Great defender, great scorer, great dunker, and versatile, 2 all defensive teams (Would have had more, but they started doing the all defensive selections at the end of his career.) Could guard any player on the floor.
SF/PF: Bob Horry -- Big shot Bob, will nail the big 3 in crunch time
C: Elmore Smith -- 2.9 blocks per game, 5th best all time

COACH: Greg Popovitch -- Three time NBA champ

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