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Wow, this was REALLY hard. There is so much talent on every roster. I believe that teams 15-9 are extremelly close. To seperate these teams was to really split hairs and nitpick at the slightest deficiency. Everyone did great work.

My rankings:

15. Angryllama -- A well balanced roster with scorers, defenders, 3 point shooters, and distributors all set to accomplish their task. Best coach of all time certainly helps. Well thought out.

14. Killericon -- Jordan automatically make this team top 5, but I'm not a believer in Houson or Ford off the bench. Good coach. A well planned team.

13. AZBroncfan -- Another team with great balance. My only complaint is Ritchmond as a starter on an all time team. (I'm really splitting hairs here, but had to find some reason to rank them one above or below the other.)

12. GSReylea -- Nice front court and good scorers. Good balance of offense and defense. Dean Smith never coached in the pros. If I were to take a coach from the college ranks I would have taken Wooden.

11. Rhymesayers -- I'm not sold on LeBron as a all time great yet, but this team is top 5 for sure. Also, this team does not have a PG who really distributes the ball.

10. Master Pain -- Issel will get abused at C. Apart from Gilmore who will play defense? You'll score a ton though. MP and BobHorry5 would have some manaiacal games.

9. BobHorry5-- This team will light it up from the outside, but where's the defense?

8. R Shack -- Great starting 5, but I'm not a believer in Marbury, Manning, Coleman, or Finley as all time greats.

7. VanceJohnson82 -- I like this team, but Hill never fulfilled his potential, there are better C in this league besides Mourning, and WAY too many attitudes to keep team cohesion, Paul Silas or no Paul Silas.

6. Man-Goblin -- I like Barry and West. Microwave is a great 6th man.

5. Eddie Mac -- Some decent scorers, but Mikan may get eaten up by bigger middle men. And not a lot of D on this team.

4. Youcandoit -- Missing two roster players hurts depth.

3. Freak6 -- No defense!

2. Phibacka -- Decent starting 5, but missing 3 players on the bench will hurt.

1. Ludo -- Too many guards and not enough big men on the bench, Oden will get abused by the all time great centers, and the other coachs will be able to victimize Shanny's inexperience

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