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Trevor Penrose

My plan for world domination:

1) Take Europe with a series of quick encircling movements with Feint's thrown in for good measure.
2) Sign non-egression pact with Russia
3) Ally with Japan
4) Infiltrate the Norwegian government causing mass confusion
5) Invade the British Isles and kick limey butt.
6) Occupy India and the call centers of big business
7) Invade Russia after 1st big thaw, Hold Sevastopol
8) Rename Europe Stevesland
9) Require hot chicks to go topless in "Palace of Uber...Steve"
10) Seize the boats from that show "the deadliest catch"
11) Invade Alaska with another series of Blitz....I mean quick encircling movements with heavy Luft...ummm...air support and those deadly catch guys.
12) Screw Canada, they have nothing but old Hippy's that don't want to fight.
13) Feint into Canada and instead invade the tree hugger lands of Washington and Oregon.
14) Trench in around the Oregon front and send a pincher move south on to Cabowabo - send Japs south to Aust and Isles.
15) Land Paratroopers in Col and Wy.
16) Squeeze Cali north into the Oregon front and quell resistance
17) Mass troops along Front Range of Rockies for massive push east
18) Cross the Mississippi with full on eastward push
19) Feint northward and take the southern states
20) Pick off the rest of the north eastern states after prolonged sieges.

Rename America "States of Steve"

Hot Chicks required to go Topless in the "White Steve House".

Reinstate NFL Football, Denver required to go 16 and 0 and win Steve Bowl every year.
Tom Brady to clean toilets of Mile High after games.

Worry about south america and Africa later.

Outlaw Marco Polo playing, must say Marco Steveolo

All above will be performed with a massive Army of 2" tall Plastic army men bought at dollar store. this way I will not need supply lines to feed them and they cannot question my Authority.

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