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Champ Bailey

Here's another way to look at it.

Each of these teams are in a tournament for the all-time great championship. Based on coach, system, and players, how does it play out? Who wins the championship? Why do they win it? Who wins tournament MVP (their team has to win)? Who wins other awards?

Here's how I think that it plays out...

Divided into two conferences and seeded according to strength, here are my scenarios.


1. Eddie Mac
2. AZBroncofan
3. Man- Goblin
4. JCM
5. RShack
6. Phibacka
7. VanceJohnson
8. Bye

1. Freak6
2. Biochemnerd Parade
3. Master Pain
4. GSRelyea
5. Runnin' Gunnin'
6. BobHorry
7. Ludo
8. Youcandoit
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