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Default Three Plans to Bring Back AVATARS to the OrangeMane

(Mods I know you gotta move this, but give it it a couple hours to get some traction please?)

I'm sure everybody's happy the OrangeMane has expanded so greatly, that we have our own reporters at camp ... and we're all looking forward to a great season. But the expanded size has its drawbacks, too. Because of the extra-large number of daily visitors, the site slowed down, and Taco John was forced to disable avatars a few weeks ago to keep the site moving at a reasonable speed.

For me, the place was a lot less fun, I was actually getting irritated (took it out on bpc - sorry bro). I realized avatars are like "faces" to me. Without them, it's like going to your club, but everybody has a mask over their head. They have nametags on, sure, but you can't see their faces. No fun anymore. Several others have echoed similar sentiments, so I'm presenting here a couple plans to bring back the Avatars:
PLAN 1 - The moderators give us a dollar figure we need to move the site up to a faster server, with more bandwidth to handle the load, and we do a fundraiser.

PLAN 2 - Pezman says it's theoretically possible to host Avatars offsite (PhotoBucket or ImageShack), and that might permit avatars while maintaining site speed.

PLAN 9 (from Outer Space) - Have Plummer drive his Honda Element over to the server building, and when the site slows down, he can back up to the building, flip them off in the mirror and slam into the building in reverse.
All three Plans sound good to me, but I'm partial to Plan 2.

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