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Simon Fletcher

Havent posted here before (forgot about it - didnt know it was a sticky), but my sig gives weight update. The best thing to keep me on track has been noticing how much I have to run on the tread mill to burn certain calories. This means very little junk food (licorice my fav) and no sodas with calories. Diet taste alot better than it used to years ago. I lift weights on different machines to get this flabby top firm. Went from three sets of 10 of 80 lbs to now 110 lbs since June. My goal is to be able to party like a rock star OM weekend and still look good. I might be one of those sickos and actually work out at the hotel on Sat. before going out. When I hit 800 calories burned, then that will cover the beer I will be consuming that night. Good Luck ! BTW: 197.5 again today so losing weight and adding muscle.
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