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As long as Sonic has his Mammy keeping him in line, and his obvious devotion, expect Portis to continue to put out 120 percent. (at least till he gets that Corry Dillon stash).

This might turn out to be another romper room between LT2 and Sonic the Hedgehog.

What I am worried about is "The Smurf Factor".

Also, someone must of clanked Boston over the head, 'cause he seems to of woken up.

Some Smurf playing like it's his last dance, a hemoroid, err, steroid induced Freak wideout, and the best running back in the game doesn't make me very comfortable with two of our LB's out and a QB that well, let's just hope he doesn't crack his toes this week.

I am nervous as hell about this game. The spread is too high, and there isn't accounting for the winds blowing around Dove Valley.

I just want a win. I have a bad feeling about this game.

Losing 4 of 5 does that to ya. It's hard to say how sharp the Snake will come out of the gate with a questionable LT and limited WR's.

Hopefully, he can find Lelie this week, and Sonic comes to play.
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