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Simon Fletcher

he went from over 17 AB per homerun to 9 AB per homerun when everyone else goes down in production because of age. Amazing he comes to camp one year with a bigger shoe and head and then proceeds to have a phenom of almost 8 year period. But Nooooo, roids didnt do that. He admitted he took the cream. Sheffield tried to lie about working out with him in the off season and it was all natural. Guess who got caught taking the same crap as Bonds? Hmmm. Could it be Gary himself? For those that love the cheater, at least come out and admit he did and you dont care. Also, let us know that you will be proud of your kids who study real hard for their tests but still use the cheat sheet to find the answers faster and proceeded to get the highest grade in the class. After all, you want to be consistent on cheating overall, right?
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