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Originally Posted by dbfan4life View Post
Those of you bashing Bonds now were probably the same ones cheering McGwuire's and Sosa's chase of Maris' single season record. Why is Barry's feat so much different? Congrats to Barry.
Dude, doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that we were rooting for two guys that we thought we just on vitamin or whatever came in that big tub. It wasnt illegal and MLB didnt say anything. Ask us the same about the two guys and others now. Bonds lets everyone go to jail for his roid rampage. He is guilty. He is also the biggest a hole around which is not the case for McGwire and Sosa who are very likable. Regardless if people are one side of this or not for hating or liking barry, the fact remains he cheated. He was already a superstar but couldnt handle being 2nd fiddle to the first cheats. Barry won MVPs before his alleged steroid use. Who is going to remember that? He tarnished his legacy. He would have been one of the top players of all time without the roids. He couldnt just be "one of the..." . He needed to be "The best" regardless at what cost. I now believe his head didnt expand from Roids but from his ego. F U Bonds.
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