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Originally Posted by Lidderer View Post
It's ridiculous how people claim they are going against the grain by claiming hatred for the guy, as though there are really people out there "choos[ing] to bask in [barry's] sunshine smiles...]. Where are these people? And stop basking in your sunshine grandstanding bull****.
"Going against the grain"? I've never claimed that I've taken my position because I want to go against the grain. Furthermore I resent your implication. I don't give a tinker's f()ck what way the grain is going. I'm going my way.

Those basking in Barroid's BS are the same ones justifying/excusing/rationalizing/spinning/working around/parsing words and any other such horsheet related to Barroid's cheating. Barroid did wrong.

Where were the apologists for Canseco? Who was the a-hole before the Congressional hearings? Canseco. Who was the only one who came out of that circus NOT looking like a clown? Canseco. Canseco's an a-hole, he's doubly a-hole because he didn't do something about his use when he was playing because that probably would have interfered with his house/porsche payments and womanizing. Canseco's full blown asshattery notwithstanding, he was the only honest f()cker up there. But where are Canseco apologists, nobody saying, "Well everybody else was doing it, why is he villainized?"

Where are the McGwire apologists? Palmero? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
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