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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I'm not saying you have to cheer him as a conquering hero, i'm saying he's treated as if he's Osama Bin Laden for 1) doing something 50 percent of the league was doing and 2) being thats unique in sports. Bonds was a great player before this (a 3 time mvp) and, with it, he became super human. Sure, I get it, he cheated, im not saying he should be hailed as the greatest thing alive, im just saying the crap he must deal with on a daily basis is probably unfair. I'm sure he hears some pretty awful crap screamed in his direction that no one needs to hear on a daily basis.

If you wanna consider Hank Aaron your home run king, do so, but its not like Neifi Perez is hitting 50 home runs. It's not ALLL the steriods. I'm just sayin people need to relax and not get all up and arms over something like this.l
The guy's a cheat and, for my part, I will continue to call him out on it in every forum and at every opportunity because it is precisely what he deserves. He's playing people for fools. When he was a bean pole he was putting up good enough numbers to get Hall consideration. But nooooooooo those numbers didn't match his ego so he took the spike, hit the cream and the clear, and now he has a melon that can fit his ego and most of the northern hemisphere for his effort.

Doesn't matter if it is all due to juice or not, there is absolutely no way to tell. One thing is perfectly clear, by his own admission he has cast a dark cloud of suspicion over his entire career. Some just choose to bask in Barroid's sunshine smiles of bull**** and call it a clear day.
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